How Do I Know If Online College Is Right For Me?

imagesDespite the popularity of online colleges continues to rise , online college is not for all students . To select whether you attend an online institution must first self – assessment to determine whether you can handle the requirements of a successful online student conduct .

First , forget the idea that I would choose a particular online institution , for choosing one of my friends . All students have different educational opportunities and this will become clear when the work was difficult . Online college is like fabric , one size does not fit all .
Make sure you have the time to devote to your studies . Because college classes online without supervision , it makes it easy for students to skip class . As a result , online learning requires great self-motivation and discipline to be successful . Students must build and maintain their schedules to complete their education in a certain time .

If you are a person who does not want to travel or move to study , then an online college is your answer . With online colleges , classes are placed for your living room and you can learn at your own convenience . Although social interaction is limited to digital contacts , removed the derivation of traditional institutions allow students to learn disturbed . This model also features a pattern of people who learn better using technologies such as web conferencing , e – mail and chat rooms .

Do not be fooled into thinking that because the online course was made that there was no difference in the quality of materials . All online courses must be accredited by the quality of their course work online . As a result , if you think you are going to struggle in a traditional setting , chances are you are also struggling in the online lectures . However , online colleges have a secret weapon . Online students can track earlier again by clicking the button . So it can be used to enforce the points they may have another week .

As mentioned earlier , a private research is needed before a decision or an online college is best for you .

Some questions students ask themselves are :
* Do I need to bring the best educational performance in the classroom environment if I can survive on its own
* Do I have face to face contact with professors can understand the material work program
* How my smart technology ? How well how to navigate the Internet and can access the web media
* Do I have the discipline to learn on their own
* As a result I have the time to devote to my studies

Top Colleges

There are many online colleges available , offering courses in almost every field and specialization is known . Many accreditation boards used for the standard college online , however , maintains , not all of the same standard .

Several accredited online colleges that most are :

* Kaplan University
* Ashford University
* University of Phoenix
* Liberty University Online
* DeVry University

The Rise of Free Online College Courses

indexTo say that college is a costly process is an understatement . Such as in 2012 , has exceeded $ 1 trillion . ‘ S Total student debt in the U.S. believe In 2011 , the New York Times reported that the average student debt is about $ 26,500 , and online college courses are not much cheaper . However , the advent of free online courses , in addition known as MOOCs ( Massive Online Course Open ) , the face of education forever .

It started as an experiment , but all signs point to the fact that it was a great success with a large number of public universities established MOOCs offered to anyone who hoped that many of the participants will be successful courses , enroll in college and pay the normal fees . In a country where a degree in religious and women’s studies can cost up to $ 100,000 , the prestigious university MOOCs can open up the world of education to the students . Why are colleges interested in offering this free taster ? Many U.S. universities in huge debt and need a method to attract more students .

Growth phenomena ?
The University of Arkansas , University of Cincinnati and Arizona State just three from respected universities involved in plans . MOOCs growth actually peaked in 2012 as a start- up like Udacity and EDX forward and offer hope to those who previously could not afford education . These courses set up by professors from top schools such as Stanford and Harvard with millions of people around the world who are teachers about their offer .

At this stage, one may wonder whether maybe someday replace MOOCs degree . If this is the case , it would make . ‘ S A big difference for the incredible amount of prospective students One problem is that colleges do not give credit for MOOCs but even that seems set to change . A number of universities in Austria and Germany gives credit for MOOCs and can spread to American educational institutions as Colorado State has made noises about following in the footsteps European counterparts it . The University of Washington is considering even if the state pays the cost to students and professors to do extra work with institutions if he went ahead with the plan .

Summer College Student Jobs

indexFinally the school year coming to an end and summer is around the corner . For all students it is time to start looking for summer jobs and prepare for college next year . The good news is the student summer jobs open across the country as more people are hired during the summer to help with the holiday season and warm weather .

The bad news is that with the recession hitting college students and young adults the most , summer jobs became scarce . People go on holidays less , not eating much and just send their kids to camp . But there is hope for students and summer opportunities .

Jobs for Students

Summer Camp Counselor / Coach

If you are active and love the outdoors then apply to summer camps , sports camps and adventure camps around your community . You have to study and throughout the winter so why not take advantage of the warmer months and enjoy a summer job outside .

Being a camp counselor and sports coach is a great opportunity to work out to keep up with all the activities , training and some training under your belt on the schedule of events that lead and corresponding responsibilities . If it works out with the kids interest you start looking for a job in the summer camps .

Apprentice and assistant

Students planning to work in the desired career field after graduation , but they are often aware of the difficulties in career direction . Businesses and companies looking for students to vest time and resources instead of hiring people from Craigslist .

Most companies do not advertise internships and student assistant allowing initiatives and approaches to business and business opportunities for this summer .

Learning Research Grant Program

So many students who work dead-end jobs in the summer , but is that a smart choice ? If you are studying for a specific career field then why not work on your college and get more education in that field . Tutorials and a research grant paid to build your resume , what could be better than that .

This is probably one of the best opportunities for students and should be available at the university and local businesses .

College Work Study

If your family or financial needs of low income you may qualify for work – study program at your university . The great thing about the job – the study is possible throughout the year and not just a summer job . College jobs – training pays up to $ 3,000 without your financial package .

Most of the work – courses held at universities , but some programs in community life guard for state employees . Another plus for work – is that you can learn all academic work at the university and have a summer without scheduling problems . Contact your college overtime – to learn if you think you qualify .

Your own job

Greatest strength of the ideas and fresh thinking in students solve problems or make their community a better place . It’s amazing hearing about the students create their own business while in college and stick to the younger students after graduation . I know two brothers started cutting / snow shoveling companies financed grass their college education at the university . Another student has his or her own car wash and trading activities in the evenings and weekends to make $ 30 per hour .

Why do so many students looking for a job at Starbucks , Safeway and Subway ? Work for students who are also in a recession state . Look around your community , talk to the job center on your campus and walk around your community and see what is the problem you can solve .

Be active , creative and get started!

Benefits of Going to Community College First

imagesAttending a community college can be used as a “last resort” because they have seen how easy it is for students to be accepted and the fact that he does not have a college experience “full” because most of the students who go to college are still living with their parents. However, in reality enroll in a college after high school and pursue a two-year Associate in Arts degree has more advantages than disadvantages. Especially in the state of Florida, for students with an AA degree can transfer to a university in Florida and guaranteed acceptance. Here are three important benefits that I discovered while attending a community college and received an Associate in Arts.

1. Financial aspects. Tuition alone for a four-year college is expensive. Not to mention paying to stay in a hostel, books, meal plans, and other costs imposed temporary student living away from home. Students at a college does not have to worry about most of these costs, because most of them still live at home with their parents. On average, the price for college students to four-year colleges will be close to triple the number of community college. Why spend the extra money on a class in a four-year university if you can take the same courses at a college and save thousands? This advantage should be distinguished from the others because saving money is a high priority for students. Parents can be exempted from the cost of housing and campus food have children living with them at home and commute to college, while students can take a much cheaper price. Lesson Two first year consists of general training courses for most students remain. The benefits for both students and parents.

2. It was an easy transition from school. Is a four-year university as a freshman can be a challenge. Away from family for the first time in addition to living in a dorm with a stranger just a few meetings that the new students. Not to mention the emphasis on learning while trying to socialize and meet new people on a scale far greater than high school. College students who do not have a sense of self-discipline end up getting a bad grade after their first semester. This is due to a lack of self-discipline leads to the students more and study less. All these problems disappeared when a student enrolling in a college. Transition from high school to community schools is more subtle because the students have a higher chance of taking classes with people they know. The classes are much smaller in college compared to a four-year university. This gives students a feeling of familiar high school setting while taking college courses.

3. Take time to think about big. The majority of high school graduates do not know what they want to study in college, let alone a career field they want to pursue. This resulted in students who start at four-year universities change their major at least once if not more. When a student does not ultimately decide their major, they usually have a large number of courses required to meet. Their degree requirements This means more money that will be spent to class. As mentioned earlier, the cost of tuition at a four-year university is much higher than a college. Take me for example: through the two years I attended college, I switched my major three times before I knew what I wanted to learn. If this happened in college, four four, I will spend more money on the program of the previous major changes that are not even taken into account my degree.

Overall, going to a college first can be very beneficial for students just graduating high school. They can save the cost of tuition, a large amount of money the transition to college from high school is more subtle than for a four-year university, particularly students who attend community colleges have extra time to decide what they want to enter the main.

College Students Want Only Three Things

If you talk to a large number of students and ask them what they want out of their college experience, you get a variety of answers and comments. However, if you take all of them, the result is quite simple. Students only want three things:

1. A Good Education – Students want to learn from respected professors, teachers, writers, technical experts, and deputies researchers working in the field. They want up-to-date and even cutting edge information, tools, and project experience. Students will also learn from the people who enjoy their teaching, making learning fun and exciting, giving them a unique learning experience and they want to succeed.

Students love working instructors who organize the tour, bringing guest speakers, allowing them to attend association meetings, conferences and lectures in the field they ask them to help with research projects or help with books, newspapers, consulting assignments and much more. They want information and practical and useful experience, the kind that would appeal to a large number of employers who recognize that students are at the top of their game.

When asked, most colleges will tell you that they give their students the opportunity to get a good education. Of course, some colleges do a better job than others.

2. Experience the fun University – College students are currently living and working together. Students wishing to participate in campus activities, work experience, and sporting events and off-campus groups and meetings. They want leadership positions in areas considered important. They want to meet and hang out with people they respect and admire, join groups with similar interests or different, demonstrate knowledge and skills in their projects, volunteering in the community and work to better the college itself.

Some students find the opportunity to compete, opportunities for growth and opportunities for discovery. Most importantly, students expect a relationship with everyone they come in contact with, such as buildings: Campus leaders, professors and teachers, directors, employees, classmates, colleagues, alumni, parents and people in the local community. Students want the friendship, the kind that lasts a lifetime. They understand that these relationships will enable them to learn, play, fun, laugh, socialize and psychological benefits.

Students with many friends appreciate their college experience. The people, the sacrifice, the environment, culture and relationships that exist in college you play an important role in the feelings and experiences that students come away with.

3. A good job after graduation – No student wants to pay thousands of dollars and invested two, four or six years in higher education and then graduate with no job. Because most students do not even know the basics of an effective job search, they expect their colleges are here to help and be there for them.

Many students gave a good job as the ultimate goal. They want their college to provide job information, guidance and training they need to achieve that goal. But even they admit students that thousands of students are not able to receive adequate assistance from a small number of people in the Office of Career Services. Expect students to acquire information, competent to develop work plans, preparation of materials, practice skills, research employers, references cultivation and presentation of work to develop all one or two meetings with Career Services and by visiting their web site is completely unrealistic.

Students need and want universities to do much more. They want their college community to do everything possible to help identify, prepare them a good job and country. It should be clear to everyone that the students are trained and experienced in the work and strategy, understand what needs to be done, the big plan was created to prepare outstanding resume, practice interview techniques and receive regular, frequent and continued guidance that is tailored to their own needs would be much better than students who mainly left. their own devices

Only the brave, forward thinking, committed and determined leader can alter the college is very structured, modify files, college culture into one that is agile enough to meet all three of the students’ needs and expectations completely. However, universities are not adequately meet student (customer) may one day find that fewer students are attending, even planning online needs.

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